How to Build great Applications for Business Users in Python

카테고리: 파이썬 라이브러리 (Python Library)
난이도: 초급
발표 시간: 30분
언어: 영어


Turning your Data/AI algorithms into full web apps in no time with Taipy In the Python open-source eco-system, many packages are available that cater to: - the building of great algorithms - the visualization of data - back-end functions Despite this, over 85% of Data Science Pilots remain pilots and do not make it to the production stage. With Taipy, Data Scientists/Python Developers will be able to build great pilots as well as stunning production-ready applications for end-users. Taipy provides two independent modules: Taipy GUI and Taipy Core. In this talk, we will demonstrate how: Taipy GUI goes way beyond the capabilities of the standard graphical stack. Taipy Core is simpler yet more powerful than the standard Python back-end stack.

발표자 소개


30+ years as AI specialist with ILOG and IBM. Mentored several Data Science teams. Designed/Modeled several major AI projects for customers such as Samsung. Electronics, McDonald’s, Dassault Aviation, Carhartt, Toyota, TSMC, Disney, etc. Skills: Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, Time Series prediction. Strong Experience in Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics industries. Main Objective: “Help companies go beyond AI pilots and be successful in bringing AI to their end-users”. Msc Comp. Science & AI, University Paris-Saclay.

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  • 위대한상상


  • 메리츠화재해상보험주식회사
  • 버드뷰 (화해)
  • 브레이브모바일
  • 에이블리코퍼레이션
  • 에잇퍼센트
  • 엘라스틱서치코리아
  • 원티드랩
  • 코드박스


  • 닷슬래시대시
  • 아이엠디티


  • Data Korea
  • 파이토치 한국 사용자 모임
  • 한빛미디어