Communication & Contributing to Python Open Source

카테고리: 키노트 (Keynote)
난이도: 초급
발표 시간: 30분
언어: 영어


Open Source Software work is not just about being a core contributor or a maintainer, it is also about lots of invisible work in the community. Most of this work requires lots of interactions. If the interactions are about OSS, these would be mostly in English, and although good communication skills are essential, they can also be gatekeeping sometimes. After describing the state of diversity in OSS and in Python I showing some thoughts about how we can build a better communication culture in the Python local and global communities. Why it is important to rethink Code of Conducts, what are the current problems with how people think of Code of Conducts. We can use these as a tool for building more inclusive Python communities. These are reflections stemming from my involvement over the past years in the Python community.

발표자 소개

Tereza Iofciu
Tereza Iofciu

Tereza Iofciu is an experienced data practitioner, leading a coaching team and teaching data science at neuefische in Hamburg. She is a co-organizer of the PyLadies Hamburg group and is part of the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct and Diversity & Inclusion working groups. She has been awarded the Python Software Foundation 2021 Q1 community service award. Recently she has joined the DISC Steering Committee team.

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